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Author Interview

Our author interview covers everything a potential reader would want to know. It covers both your book and you as an author. It peaks interest and gets readers motivated to learn more about you and your book. An author interview is a great way to generate awareness and the perfect addition to any book marketing campaign.

Author Book Interview Process

You provide a copy of your book and our editor compiles a list of questions. The interview is text based, both allowing you to take your time answering and providing a wide range of distribution for marketing purposes.

Getting to Know Both the Author and the Book

The questions will focus on your unique book, as well as you, the author. The final product will be presented with pictures of your book, links to your book and an author picture, if you wish. Once complete, we will have the content edited, polished up and fit for distribution.

Author Interview Flexibility

A text-based interview allows for perfect responses. You can have as much or as little involvement in the interview process as you wish. Remove or add questions as you see fit. You can answer the questions as you please with no time limit to worry about.

The Author Interview is Backed by Our Marketing Blast Package

We promote your author interview to the following:

  1. Book press release site
  2. post
  3. Social media post (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter)
  4. A post on a genre-related blog
  5. Uploaded advertisement to five of the top book clubs on Facebook Groups

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