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Where Do You Get Free Book Reviews?  Right Here!

HUGEOrange offers free book reviews. Books are selected at random, read and reviewed at the discretion of the reader.  These are real reviews and positive reviews aren’t guaranteed. We follow Amazon terms of service. We only review books that are found on Amazon and you may supply a review copy of your book or simply let us know about a promotion you have coming up.

How to Submit Your Book to Get Your Free Review

Upload your manuscript or provide a link to your book. We follow Amazon terms of service and do not accept payment or any incentive for our reviews. Please only submit your book once a month (you may be blocked otherwise). We get a lot of submissions, so please be patient. We can’t guarantee your book will get a review. Under Amazon’s terms of service there is no obligation at all by the reader to leave a review, positive or negative.

Free Book Reviews are… Free

Please do not offer an incentive of any kind in exchange for a review. We will block your request and future requests. A review (positive or negative) is up to the discretion of the reader and they are not required to leave a review. Amazon changes their review rules a lot, so for the most up to date information, contact them directly. Amazon currently allows authors to provide review copies of their books. You may not offer any incentive for a review, including a free book, in exchange for a review directly. A review is at the discretion of the reader.

Book Reviews are Hard to Get!

We understand that getting that first book review or two rolling in can be difficult. Even books with reviews can hit a snag and not see a new review for months.  We are excited to offer this service to help authors out. We select books at random and the reader always has the option to turn down a book if they don’t want to read it or review it. We review a good mix of genres, including fiction and nonfiction. If the reader didn’t like the book, they will leave a constructive review if they wish.

Looking for More Book Reviews?

We only review a book once, but for those looking for additional reviews, take advantage of our review distribution service. We email a copy of your book (or announce a promotion date) to the top Amazon reviewers and review bloggers. We also offer publication reviews!  Check out all our review services here.

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