What's a HUGEOrange?

We don’t believe that professional level book services should only be available through publishing companies. Self-publishers have needs, too! Authors who love the independence and freedom of being a self-publisher need access to high end services like professional editing, cover design and marketing.

You shouldn’t need to spend thousands of dollars to give your book out for free to get reviews either. We know the importance of reviews. All authors do, right? So why not have services that are Amazon approved and affordable to help you get real results.

We offer everything an author needs with a helpful and friendly staff. Welcome to HUGEOrange!

Susan Durbec

Susan Durbec, Manager

Derek Keen

Derek Keen, Manager

Other members of our team: Ken W. (tech), Kitty A. (social media), Mark H. (owner), Ria Corella (designer)