Social Media Book Marketing

Social Media Book Marketing

Social Media Book Marketing With social media book marketing, you want your book to be shared, liked, retweeted, commented on, etc.  It’s costly to pay for an ad that gets responses, and it’s insanely time consuming to market it yourself across all platforms and accounts daily.  ShareGoblin is a book promotion site that encourages subscribers […]

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How to Self-Publish Your Book

How to Self-Publish Your Book Self-publish! Learn how to self-publish your own book with us!  Self-publishing is not a case of one size fits all.  Depending on the genre, type of book, and goals, your needs may be very different. Self-Publishing Check List You need to have the following items ready before you self-publish your […]

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christian book publisher

Christian Book Publisher, Looking to Publish Your Book?

Publishing Your Christian Book Doesn’t Need to Be Frustrating HUGEOrange is a Christian Book Publisher.  As you navigate the world of publishing for your new Christian book, things can get rather frustrating.  Hidden costs around every corner.  Each time you overcome one obstacle, a new one appears determined to make you quit. You find promising […]

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book marketing

HUGEOrange Book Marketing and Publishing Services

Book Marketing and Publishing Services What is HUGEOrange and what do they offer? Our lineup of services change over time but we specialize in book marketing that gets results. Our book publishing services provide everything an indie author would need. Professional level at affordable prices. HUGEOrange Marketing Services For those looking to improve their listing […]

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book review Hugeorange

Book Review (Publication Review)

Book Review (Publication Review or Editorial Review) Professional Book Review A professional book review (also known as a book editorial review or book publication review) is the perfect way to validate your new book to potential readers.  Readers look for publication reviews to get an overview of the book.  Places like Amazon have specific sections to […]

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Kindle format

Kindle Format – Get My Book Formatted for Kindle!

Get My Book Formatted for Kindle! Getting your book to look perfect on Kindle can be a difficult endeavor.  Errors and extra spacing can make the Kindle format appear messy on eBook readers.  Trying to master page breaks, pilcrows and a clickable table of contents for your book can be difficult and frustrating.   Those finishing touches for […]

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Kindle Scout Promotion

Kindle Scout Promotion and Marketing

Promote that Kindle Scout Book! But how…?  Kindle Scout is a fantastic program, but getting nominations can be rather grueling.  Marketing a book is easy: plenty of sites and ways.  But a Kindle Scout Promotion is a whole other game.  Marketing a book not yet released can be tricky. How do I generate awareness and interest for […]

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