social media book marketing

Social Media Book Marketing

Social Media Book Marketing Social Media Book Marketing is a necessity for your book launch.  It’s the perfect solution to maintaining a long-term presence and both attract new sales and gather fans.  How you approach social media marketing and how you manage it makes all the difference.  It’s powerful, but you need to be extremely […]

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Is KDP select worth it?

Is KDP Select Worth it?

      Is KDP Select Worth it? HUGEOrange Book Services Amazon Kindle Select Is KDP Select worth it or what?  The short and somewhat annoying answer is probably.  For new authors, it’s a necessity, for mid-range authors, it’s icing on the cake, and for established authors, it’s probably not worth it. The good news […]

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Free book marketing tips

Free Book Marketing Tips for Book Sales

    Order Book Marketing 4 Easy and Free Book Marketing Tips for Book Sales Free book marketing tips. For self-published authors, marketing often gets an eye roll.  What writer wants to market?  Book marketing is often underrated by new self-publishers and thus skipped.  No! Why!  If you are one of those writers, you will […]

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free book review sites

Free Book Review Sites

      free book review sites Click here to submit your book for a Free Book Review Free Book Review Sites Free book review sites are sometimes hard to find, but they offer great services.  It’s downright hard to get book reviews going for a new book!  Sites that offer them are fantastic because […]

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ebook marketing

EBook Marketing

          ebook marketing | Order Book Marketing EBook Marketing Ebook marketing is a great way to introduce your book to the world. What works best? Don’t be annoyed, but the answer will get groans: it depends on your budget and your goals.  For successful eBook marketing that produces real results, it’s […]

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book editor

Book Editor

      Book Editor We have the best book editors and essay editors for hire.  Our prices for copy editing are $10 per 1K words.  You get a focus on copy editing along with proofreading, developmental and substantive editing services.  We focus on: Grammar Punctuation Sentence structure Consistency Pacing Flow Redundancy removal Tenses Dialog […]

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how to market a book

How to Market a Book

      How to Market a Book. Order Book Marketing. There are several ways to market a book. The goal is to diversify your reach. Just focusing on email marketing or social media won’t win the race for long-term sales. Types of Book Marketing The common types of book marketing are: Social Media Email […]

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editing services

Editing Services and Why You Need Them!

    Editing Services.  Order Book Editing. Editing Services at $10 per 1K words here on HUGEOrange Can You Spot the Book Editing Errors? “Allen turned toward the window, leaning his forehead against the windowpains, and sighed loudly. He concentrated on the birds chattering and singing outside in the beautiful, oak trees hopping from branch […]

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      Editor.  Purchase Book Editing. Hire an Editor for $10 per 1K Words here on HUGEOrange An Editor! My Kingdom for an Editor! Yes, I’m comparing the want of an editor to the famous play Richard III. Shakespeare shows that the value and importance of things may change suddenly; and simple and easy […]

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