book writing outline

Book Writing Outline

Book writing outline. Time is against you when you’re trying to write a book a week. You can’t spend your hours having writer’s block. Your outline helps guide you before you ever wonder what to do next. It keeps you moving in flow or helps you hit the ground running if you want to fit […]

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Writing Books for Amazon

Writing Books for Amazon in Niche Categories

Writing books for Amazon in niche categories. Look at the books available on the market. What is missing? Anything? The data you gathered should show you popular subtopics in the low-carb diet. Is there a book that addresses any of this? Often a very popular blog post or article makes a great book start. Check […]

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negative book reviews

Negative Book Reviews

Negative Book Reviews are a pain! You put a lot of work into your book. A negative review can really hurt your feelings, but if you have more positive than negative they won’t hurt sales. Look at it this way: Every wonderful product or book made will generate some negative feedback. It’s going to happen. […]

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book ideas to write about

Book Ideas to Write About

Book ideas to write about! There are a million ways to come up with an idea that will fill you with energy and passion when writing. The magic happens when you can align what is profitable with what you are passionate about. If there is only one tip you get out of this book, let […]

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how to get reviews

How to Get Reviews | Book Reviews

How to Get Reviews Reviews are helpful marketing tools for your book. I will discuss common ways to get more reviews and then some not so common, as well as how to get a negative review removed. Many authors get professional reviews from major news and review services before their book even gets published, such […]

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