after you publish

After You Publish Your Book – Now What?

After you publish your book what do you do?  In this article we discuss some things you can do and guess what?  They are free!  As a writer, you probably read books in the genre you write. Look for blogs and forums that have active discussions about your genre in both book and movie formats. […]

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getting book reviews

Getting Book Reviews – Sales and Pricing

Getting Book Reviews Reviews are a form of word of mouth. The best form of word of mouth is from people you know. But in the ever-expanding online collective, reviews from people you don’t know serve as important purchasing decisions. A book without reviews has an incredibly hard time selling. Amazon has an algorithm that […]

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Book Categories to Write In

Profitable Book Categories to Write In

Profitable Book Categories to Write In Profitable book categories to write in. Successful Kindle writers learn quickly to write in book categories that sell well for self-publishers. Publishers can create their own market through advertising, but the self-publisher must target markets that are accessible based on popularity. Book SEO and Keywords to Write In A […]

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author central

Author Central

Author Central for Kindle Ranking Amazon ranks its content based on several variables. The Author Central link adds to those variables in a positive way to boost your ranking. If you have or plan to have several book series you can create Pen Names for your different categories of books. This will help you view […]

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ask for book reviews

Ask for Book Reviews

Ask For Book Reviews Book Publication Reviews Free Book Reviews Get More Book Reviews The first tip to getting more reviews is to ask for them directly. In sales, you quickly understand the importance of asking for the business. You need to ask for what you want. Simple, but frequently overlooked. Asking for the sale, […]

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book pricing

Book Pricing – $0.99 Books or Free Books

      $0.99 Books and Free Books The $0.99 pricing model is a shadow of the profits a book would normally get with higher pricing. However, it does have its place. The five reasons to price a book at $0.99: To temporarily increase sales to improve seller ranking in a book that is trending […]

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Sell your book

Sell Your Books – What Readers Look for When Buying a Book and the Importance of Covers, Title, Price and Reviews When Marketing your Book

Sell Your Books and the Top 20% Sell your books! Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist, noticed in 1906 that 20% of causes produce 80% of the results. You can apply his 80/20 rule to pretty much anything. For instance, 20% of the carpet in your living room gets 80% of the traffic and 20% of […]

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book writing tips

Book Writing Tips | Picking Books to Write as a Self-Publisher | Writing an eBook | Writing a Book Tips

Guest post from author Alex Foster, from his book Booketing.  Free on Amazon. Book Writing Tips and the Boston Matrix The Boston Matrix is a marketing tool developed in the early 1970s. It’s been through shiny new transitions, experienced trendy spin-offs, but the original 1970s version is perfect for understanding market strategy for the book […]

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