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HUGEOrange Book Marketing and Publishing Services

Book Marketing and Publishing Services

What is HUGEOrange and what do they offer? Our lineup of services change over time but we specialize in book marketing that gets results. Our book publishing services provide everything an indie author would need. Professional level at affordable prices.

HUGEOrange Marketing Services

For those looking to improve their listing or to improve their chance getting on the bestseller list check out our Marketing Services. For those looking for long term maintenance marketing our social media marketing focuses on your target market. The social media marketing has an open budget and timeline to fit your unique needs. We also offer a free marketing Tweet on our Twitter account. It’s a growing account but those that use click tracking get around fifty clicks and a handful of retweets and likes.

HUGEOrange Review Services

We offer publication reviews that come complete with an award badge and backed by a full marketing press releases of your editorial review. We offer random free reviews as well as paid solicitations to top reviewers and bloggers.

HUGEOrange Publishing Services | Book Marketing and Publishing

HUGEOrange offers publishing services that are made to order. We don’t offer tier packages filled with both things you want and things you don’t. Only order the services you want and save money on the ones you don’t. The best part of our publishing package is that everything is in your name. Royalties from Amazon and other sources come directly to you. We do not take a cut of your profits.

From professional level editing from Janet Ruth, graphic design work from our in-house team for an out of this world book cover, to account set up and distribution we offer it all. Plus, we have the means to market your book to its highest potential.

HUGEOrange is a one-stop shop for everything a self-publisher needs!  Book marketing and publishing.


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