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Writing an eBook – What to Write

Writing an eBook -Research Fun Here is the litmus test: Is researching the book fun? If it’s not, then start over at step one and pick another category. If you aren’t excited to learn about your topic you will likely end up running in circles screaming your first day of writing. Once you narrow down […]

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book ideas to write about

Book Ideas to Write About

Book ideas to write about! There are a million ways to come up with an idea that will fill you with energy and passion when writing. The magic happens when you can align what is profitable with what you are passionate about. If there is only one tip you get out of this book, let […]

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Is KDP select worth it?

Is KDP Select Worth it?

      Is KDP Select Worth it? HUGEOrange Book Services Amazon Kindle Select Is KDP Select worth it or what?  The short and somewhat annoying answer is probably.  For new authors, it’s a necessity, for mid-range authors, it’s icing on the cake, and for established authors, it’s probably not worth it. The good news […]

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How to Self-Publish Your Book

How to Self-Publish Your Book Self-publish! Learn how to self-publish your own book with us!  Self-publishing is not a case of one size fits all.  Depending on the genre, type of book, and goals, your needs may be very different. Self-Publishing Check List You need to have the following items ready before you self-publish your […]

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