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Christian Book Publisher, Looking to Publish Your Book?

Publishing Your Christian Book Doesn’t Need to Be Frustrating

HUGEOrange is a Christian Book Publisher.  As you navigate the world of publishing for your new Christian book, things can get rather frustrating.  Hidden costs around every corner.  Each time you overcome one obstacle, a new one appears determined to make you quit. You find promising publishers that will publish your book only to be forced to purchase packages containing services you don’t need or want.  Costs just keep on climbing.  At HUGEOrange we have a publishing services that fits exactly what you want, and none of the added services you don’t.  We have a tier system that allows you to pick the options you want, while skipping the ones you don’t.  Not all authors are at the same place in their self-publishing journey.  Our entire line of services can be picked up as you need them.

Publish Your Christian Book and Get it in Front of Christian Readers

In our publishing package, you can pick from any number of marketing services.  Each service depends on your budget and goals, and each will get your book in front of Christian readers.  Not many publishers provide award winning marketing with a proven track record of getting books on the best seller list on Amazon and listed on the first page for organic searches.  We know your target market and can advertise your Christian book directly to them.

The Best Part?  You Own Everything!

We create your account (if you want), and publish your book in your name.  Meaning royalty checks get sent directly from retail locations like Barns and Noble, Amazon and iBook to you.  We do not take a cut of your royalties, nor do we monitor them.  Your published book gets backed by our proven system the entire time, and is owned only by you.

You have full rights to your work.  You can change anything at any time.  Want to change the price?  Change the cover, description or content?  No, problem.  We can do it for you or we can walk you through how to do it yourself.

Christian Book Publisher – Experts

You won’t find lower costs or better service.  We can publish your book for as little as $50, today.  Need reviews and marketing that will push your book to a best seller?  You found the right place to market your Christian book. Take a look at our services or go directly to our publishing tier options here:

Break Down of Services to Publish Your Christian Book

We provide editing services as well as formatting for ebook (any retail location) and print.  We can create your account on every retail outlet as well as file with vendors for tax prep.  HUGEOrange can create an Author Central account and link it to your book listing.  We populate it with a bio and any images or video you want to add.

HUGEOrange can distribute your Christian book to retailers and all top vendors.  We can provide a copyright and disclaimer for your book as well as do a press release interview.

We provide SEO (search engine optimization) for your book that match what retail locations like Amazon is looking for.  This helps rank your book long term.

We provide a review service that distributes your book to the top reviewers.  We guarantee honest reviews, and the process is approved by Amazon’s terms of service. also provides award badges to display on your listing or book.  We have an in-house graphic design team for book covers.  We are here to answer your questions and help you every step of the way.

Check us out!

We can publish any book from any genre.  We would be happy to be your Christian book publisher!

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