Kindle Scout Promotion

Kindle Scout Promotion and Marketing

Promote that Kindle Scout Book!

But how…?  Kindle Scout is a fantastic program, but getting nominations can be rather grueling.  Marketing a book is easy: plenty of sites and ways.  But a Kindle Scout Promotion is a whole other game.  Marketing a book not yet released can be tricky.

How do I generate awareness and interest for my Kindle Scout book that isn’t even for sale yet?

Our new service promotes your Kindle Scout book directly to over 50,000 readers interested in the chance to get great up and coming Kindle Scout books for free.  Or, they will be informed when they’re available for purchase.

Our new service Kindle Scout Marketing and Promotion can be found here.

The reader newsletter is targeted toward selected genres.  We have readers interested in nominating everything from paranormal romance to self-development books.  There’s already an audience interested in your book.

We use a mix of our own reader network and partner networks, bloggers, and popular reader social media accounts.

Your Kindle Scout book will get the attention it deserves – guaranteed.

We provide a click tracking link through Bitly to measure how many unique readers clicked on your book to check it out.

There are a few packages to match your needs with Kindle Scout promotions that run for a day, three days, or up to five days.  We can help get your Kindle Scout book on the “Hot” list, getting hundreds to thousands of people checking out your book.

Kindle Scout Promotion is all about the end game.

We use a mix of social media and book promotion sites that promote Kindle Scout books.  It comes down to the home stretch but start early to get your Kindle Scout book activity from the start.  Active books hold their rank and get more views throughout the campaign.

What are some additional ways for Kindle Scout Promotion?

A great place to find more ways to get a Kindle Scout promotion is through our sister site ShareGoblin.  It’s a great way to reach a wide selection of readers and get social media blast across a wide amount of accounts and sites.  ShareGoblin promotes any type of book as well as Kindle Scout books.

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