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Book Editing

$10 per 1K words

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 Book editing is $10 per 1K words or you can calculate it at $0.01 per word.  Enter your word count above for a custom quote.  Delivery time is based on our current workload and your word count.  The current average editing time is listed above.  Please allow additional time if your book needs extra attention or has complicated subject matter.  We will contact you if we need additional time.

An editor will scrutinize every detail of your text using the industry standard guidelines of The Chicago Manual of Style. Our editors have a wealth of professional experience, and either presently work for a publisher or have ten+ years’ experience editing for a publisher. We have experts in fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books.

With the boom of self-publishing, authors are lining up to publish their books. But, just because it’s easy to self-publish doesn’t mean you can skip the services you would normally get from a publisher! Every successful book still requires polishing, formatting, and editing to succeed long term. Some editing services simply use software to quickly run through your book. Our editors read your book thoroughly and offer notes and suggestions when needed.

Free Sample Edits

Book Editing

When you’re close to your own work, you can’t see what others do. That’s why we offer a free sample of our editing.  Letting a professional editor look at your work can help you find issues before you make your book public. Get a taste of what our editors can do for your book today! You can order a free sample here or you can contact us here.

Our free samples are quick and offer the perfect opportunity to see if we meet your needs and how we stack up to the competition.  Send us a few pages or your whole document.

Our Book Editing Process

Once your edit is complete, we provide two copies of your book in Microsoft Word. The first copy is the fully edited copy with our changes applied. The second copy shows all the changes through Microsoft Word’s track changes feature along with any comments or observations by the editor.  Our book editors provide copy editing services with some extras.  Your editor will focus on:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Consistency
  • Pacing
  • Flow
  • Redundancy removal
  • Tenses
  • Dialog correction
  • Transitions
  • Clarity
  • General improvement
  • Readability

Our book editing service can be custom ordered. At checkout, mention any concerns or things you would like us to focus on.  Remember, book editing is not rewriting or adding content.  We work with and improve your content in your voice.

We work with both nonfiction and fiction.

How to Find the Perfect Book Editor

Book Editing

It’s hard to find the perfect book editor.  Unless all your friends are authors it’s not something you will pick up by word of mouth.  It’s not something you will see on a tabloid headline during checkout.  You can’t compare oranges to apples either.  Well, you technically can, they’re both fruits for a start, but how an editor works with another author doesn’t mean they will work with you the same way. So, looking at an editor’s previous work won’t reflect your work.  You need an edited sample of your work.

Getting an edit sample is easy and free!  You have two factors at play when picking a book editor: price and quality.  Professional book editors provide sample edits.  Send the same page to each editor you’re interested in.  That way, you can compare apples to apples.  Once you get back the sample edits, see which editor represents your needs the best.  It’s important that they keep your voice/content and improve the quality of your work.  If you are interested in a sample book edit from HUGEOrange, simply click here or contact us.

Unlimited Book Editing Revisions

It’s important to go through your edited book manuscript to ensure you agree with the changes made.  Our editors may also leave notes in the sidebar (Track Changes) which can contain advice, questions about content, or recommendations.  These may require additional changes and our services don’t end when we send you our edit.  We are here to answer questions and help you address any recommendations.  We understand the publication process is filled with unexpected twists and turns, maybe some plot holes along the way, so there isn’t a time limit on contacting us about the book edit.

We are here to help and improve your work which is why we offer unlimited revisions to our edits.  When picking an editor, be sure they offer a similar service. It’s important to receive continued support.

Why Use Us for Book Editing?

Our editors have experience with, or currently work for, publishers.  They have a proven track record in producing high-quality work polished for professional publication.  Our book edits are guaranteed to improve your manuscript, addressing everything from grammar and punctuation to flow and structure, as needed.  Your finished manuscript will be polished and ready for publication.  We also provide other services like formatting and cover design.  We are a one-stop shop for professional-level book publishing services, and our goal is to make it affordable.

Our edits are easy to see in Word’s Track Changes feature with clear and helpful notes in the sidebar, when appropriate.  We make the process seamless.  We are available to explain changes or help improve found issues.  We use Word which is compatible with most other writing document software, including free versions like OpenOffice.  If you wrote your book in Google Docs or Apple Pages, we will help you use Word’s Track Changes feature to see our edits at no additional cost.

Need your book edited by a specific date?  No problem! Mention it during checkout or contact us directly.  We can accommodate almost any request.  If the deadline is short notice, additional fees may apply.

Affordable and professional.  Want proof?  Just request a sample edit!

What Type of Book Editing Service Do You Provide?

Book editing

Copy editing with a few extras.  We will address everything expected in a copy edit, as well as address with notes any outstanding issues or concerns we find.  We have focused our editing service on a hybrid of the four standard editing styles based on customer requests over ten years of editing services:

  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing
  • Developmental editing
  • Substantive editing

Our staff editors are proficient and experienced at each of these types of editing. If you are looking for something specific, like a focus on developmental editing only, please contact us.  This type of editing will need a custom quote depending on the book and author needs.  We take a lot of pride in our work providing the highest-quality book editing on the market at an unbeatable price.

For those not needing a full copy edit and instead are looking for a professional eye to do a proofread for consistency, you can also contact us for a special quote.  If you prefer an invoice sent to your email, just contact us with your total word count.

Book Editing and Privacy/Confidentiality

We give all clients a blanket nondisclosure: We don’t share or mention anything involving you or your book with any third party.  We are happy to sign anything you need, and for those wanting that security but don’t have the form, we have template nondisclosure forms in the footer of our front page you can use.  If you need additional help, just contact us.

Book Editing and Word’s Change Tracking Feature

Our editing services use Word software.  Word has a change tracking feature that allows you to see changes made in the document.  You won’t always agree with an editor so it’s important you go through the edits made and agree or reverse them.  Word works in one direction, meaning you can open Word and see changes made in several document software packages like Pages and free software like OpenOffice.  Most other document software can save as a .doc or .docx.  You can send us any file type you like; however, you will receive a Word document back. This can cause issues if you want edits made directly to the software you’re using.  Converting to Word can often change formatting and cause other issues especially with graphs and images.  For that reason, book editing should always come before formatting.

Book Editing and Delivery Time

Book editing is a long process.  You can’t rush perfection!  However, if you are on a deadline, let us know.  We can accommodate most needs.  Self-publishing is a complex act of juggling and if you have a formatter being held up waiting for the edit to complete, it can get rather frustrating.  We totally get it!  If your book will take longer than the average time listed at the top of this page, we will let you know.  Always make it clear from the start that you need the manuscript before a specific date.  You can do so in your order by leaving a note, or by contacting us.  This can save a lot of headaches.  Extreme short notice will often require additional fees because you jump ahead of all the other authors looking to get their book edited so we probably need an off-duty editor to jump in to save the day.  A professional job includes several read-throughs and changes; we need enough time to provide quality.  Our goal is quality rather than quantity.  If we can’t accommodate your request, we will let you know immediately.

Common Additional Services Associated with Book Editing

If you’re writing a book for self-publication or planning to send it to literary agents, you likely need additional services with your editing.  You want the book to look professional on Kindle, in print or in the hands of a publisher considering taking on your book.  We offer no-hassle formatting for books.  It’s a simple fee for both Kindle and print.  We follow Amazon standards and can accommodate any additional requests in our formatting process. Our formatting work is fast and leaves your book looking fantastic on any device shape and size.  Books with complex images or graphs may require additional fees.

Our graphic design team are experts in making thumbnail images pop and helping generate more clicks when readers are scrolling down the Amazon listing page.  If you need a print cover, they make incredible wrap-around images that look great in hand.  Check out our book cover service to learn more.  Designing a great book cover is an art and science.  You want a cover that gets more clicks and attracts more eyes.  Our graphic designers do a competitive analysis on the top-ranking books to ensure yours stands out among the pack.

Already published and need a boost to sales and page rank?  Check out our book marketing services that will help boost your book.  The more sales a book has, the higher it appears in search results.  With our API marketing, we can help push your book up the ranks on Amazon to gather organic traffic and help get your book found through search results.

Our publication review is a short review of your book you can post on your Amazon listing under Editorial Reviews.  You can use it as marketing or on the back of your book.  It’s a great way to get the word out and provide a professional summary and review of your book.  You also get an Editor’s Pick award you can put on your page or cover.  After the review is complete, we provide a Marketing Blast service that posts the book on a genre-related blog as well as two book promotion sites.  On average, books get around fifty social shares on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

We offer everything from growing social media buzz to pushing sales.  We are a one-stop shop for all your book marketing needs.  Looking to grow your social media fans?  What about getting others on social media to mention and link your book to share with their friends?  We have it all!  To check out a full list of our services, go here book services.

We look forward to working with you and pride ourselves on providing affordable, high-quality services to self-publishers and independent authors.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’re located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and serve all countries.  We are available during normal business hours Eastern Standard.