How to Self-Publish Your Book

How to Self-Publish Your Book

Self-publish! Learn how to self-publish your own book with us!  Self-publishing is not a case of one size fits all.  Depending on the genre, type of book, and goals, your needs may be very different.

Self-Publishing Check List

You need to have the following items ready before you self-publish your book:

  • Professional Editing
  • Correct Formatting
  • Perfect Cover
  • Vendors Chosen
  • Promotion Plan

Editing Your Book | Self-Publish

Every book needs a thirdparty edit.  As the creator of your work, you simply can’t see what others would see.  Find editors that give free sample edits to see if they can find mistakes.  Give them the first ten pages and see what they come back with. It’s a great way to test if your book needs an edit. Reviewers tend to mention if a book needs editing, so this is important.

Formatting Your Book

Learn to format for the vendor you plan to use, or simply hire a professional formatter to do the work for you.  You want your book looking great in print and eBook format.  You can get a lot of negative reviews if your book is hard to read due to formatting issues.

Professional Level Book Cover Design

Have a cover set up and ready to upload.  You can get simple ones on places like or more advanced graphic design services on places like  A great cover attracts attention and gets more clicks.  When spending your publishing budget, invest much of it in your cover design.  A strong cover is worth its weight in gold.

Self-Publishing Distribution

Vendors are the locations where you plan to sell your book.  Are you planning on just listing it on Amazon to take advantage of KDP Select?  We recommend you do so for the first 90 days.  Select runs for 90-day periods and to sign up, you must agree that you will only list your book on Amazon.  Select offers different promotions, as well as Kindle Unlimited.  It’s a fantastic way to get a ton of free promotion and services to start your book out strong.

Have a list of other vendors you plan to sell on, like Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iBook.  Are you planning to list them individually or have a free service like do it for you?  You can also easily hire companies like HUGEOrange to distribute it for you.

Self-Publish – Marketing and Promotion Plan


What’s your promotion plan?  Are you going to market it yourself or have you included it in your budget?  List out your plan and when you will use marketing and promotion.  The first month your book is published is the prime time to market it and get the word out.  There are plenty of great marketing and promotion services, depending on your goals and budget.  We, of course, are a little biased when it comes to recommendations, but check out all your options.  Besides, we recommend,, and ads on

Book Publishing and the First Month

Vendors like Amazon give new books special treatment.  To compete with top sellers, your book will get periodically listed on the first page or given a little boost.  Sites like Amazon are watching your book.  Is it getting clicks?  They watch the referring sources, meaning are people coming from promotion sites?  Are they coming from social media, etc.?  Are you getting positive reviews?  Are you getting sales?

All of this is data which places like Amazon collect.  Books that aren’t getting action fall off and sink in seller rank and page listing position.  Books that are getting feedback, sales and activity will find they get placed higher on the page for searches.  Be sure you use marketing and promotion early and often to get the book listed on the best seller list and high on the page.

Ready for that book to rake in thousands a week?  Not if you’re a self-publisher.  Always measure sales and not profits when you first self-publish your book.  Give away your book.  Sell it at the lowest price you can.  Aim for $0.99.   Why?  Because you want word of mouth and a high page listing.  Once your book generates a lot of reviews and sales, then increase its price for profits.  You need to fight your way to the top before you can consider making good money on your book.

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