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Professional-Level Author Site Creation

HUGEOrange offers site designs that are custom built from the ground up to meet your requirements and goals. Everything we build, along with licensed software addons and plugins are in your name. You own the finished product. Your site will be Search Engine Optimized (SEO), helping you get found through searches online. Your site will be full featured and attractive to readers and your brand. No matter how many books or series you have, your readers will find a professional and attractive web presence from your author site.

We’re experts in marketing books. We know what readers want and how to make the most effective author site possible. Grow your readers, fans and sales with an author site made with the reader in mind.

Author Sites Reach More Readers

An author site helps readers find you on the web. It’s a place readers can learn about you and your upcoming projects, fully integrated with your social media accounts (we can help create those too). All activity and blog posts will be sent out to your social media to help spread the word about your book, news or any upcoming projects. You can link from your book or your book listing pages directly to your author site to help readers learn more. An author site adds credibility and helps readers understand your book.

Author Site Blogs

We can integrate an easy-to-use blog feature with your site, optimized to rank on all major search engines. The way author websites reach new readers is through blog posts that rank and turn up in readers’ search feeds. We add software that helps you create the perfect post each time, ensuring you post a well-optimized article that will get found by readers.

Analytics for Your Author Website

Track where readers are coming from and what they do. Get feedback directly from visitors and readers to help improve your offerings and keep your audience happy. We streamline the process and help you achieve your goals. Are you looking to build a mailing list? Are you trying to funnel your new visitors to buy your book? Do you want to host all the retail sites that sell your book, or do you want to sell your book directly? We can integrate a full eCommerce store where visitors can purchase via credit card directly from you.

Author Site and Hand Holding

We don’t just create your site. We help you understand it and add to it. We walk you through any features you want or need. We make it easy and simple to use and update. We’re available long term for any changes or additional needs down the road. Service doesn’t simply end after the project is complete.

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Sample Book and Service Site

Sample Style Nonfiction Info Site

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NOTE: The cost of plugins, licensing, subscription fees for hosting and software may apply depending on individual needs.

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