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Award Winning Book Cover Design

Want a book cover design that pops? One that readers pause to check out? We all judge books by their cover, so get one that really stands out. You will love your book cover, guaranteed.Simple Pricing

  • eBook cover with two licensed images and an hour of graphic design work $50
  • eBook cover with unlimited licensed images and unlimited graphic design work $200
  • Want a wrap around print cover for Createspace?  Just a $30 addon.

Our professional graphic design team that specializes in book covers. The right cover can make all the difference when selling your book! Provide as much information with your order as possible. The more the better for a specific look. If you have samples of other covers you love, send them to us. We optimizes the colors and shape to catch eyes on the Kindle store. The cover will attract attention from potential readers. You get a first draft within days with unlimited revisions. They aren’t happy until you are!

You Owe It to Your Book to Get the Best Book Cover Design Possible!

Don’t let all that hard work go to waste due to a sub-par cover. Get a cover that reflects your work. Study after study shows that a great book cover increases sales. One of the best ways to breathe new life into a declining book is to update the cover.

Digital Book Cover Design Only

You can order just an eBook cover or both an eBook and print (Createspace) cover.The best part? You own all rights and can use the work as you please. We only use paid images through subscription stock services, ensuring your book’s cover rights are 100% yours. We offers unlimited revisions. They aren’t happy until you are!Click to learn more about our Book Review Services

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