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Professional Level Book Editing

FREE Book Editing Sample! Contact us and attach up to 5 pages of your book. We will send it back with some or all fully edited. Your sample will include editing comments and suggestions, as appropriate.

Our editing service is $10 for every 1,000 words.  Contact us for a custom quote, or purchase directly on the site. An editor will scrutinize every detail of your text using the industry standard guidelines of The Chicago Manual of Style.

Our editors have a wealth of professional experience. The average turn around time is one or two weeks. Please allow additional time if your book needs extra attention or has complicated subject matter.

Every Self-Published Author Needs Book Editing!

With the boon of self-publishing, authors are lining up to publish their books. But just because it’s easy to self-publish doesn’t mean you can skip the services you would normally get from a publisher. Every successful book still requires polishing, formatting and editing to be successful long term. Some editing services simply use software to quickly run through your book. Our editors read your book thoroughly and offer notes and suggestions when needed.

Free Samples of Our Book Editing Service

When you’re close to your own work, you can’t see what others do. That’s why we offer a free sample of our editing.  Letting a professional editor take a look at your work can help you find issues before you make your book public. Get a taste of what our editors can do for your book today! Contact us here.

Our Process

We provide two copies of your book in Microsoft Word. The first copy is the fully edited copy ready to be uploaded. The second copy shows all the changes through Microsoft Word’s change tracking feature. Upon request, we can provide the file in another format such as epub, mobi or HTML.

Trouble with an upload or need to send large/multiple files? Finish the order, then contact us here.

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