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Book Marketing Blast Summary:

You get a post on our press release and distribution site

Bookinform is not a subscription promotion site.  It shares your book across many platforms and social media.  The distribution is dynamic and the best way to track it is directly on major sites like Google and Twitter.

The main sites to track are:

  • Google (and other major search engines)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google News (and other news feeds)
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Facebook personal pages
  • Facebook Book Groups
  • Tumbler

You also get a listing on a genre-specific book blog.  All listings and posts are permanent, helping you generate book buzz and rank long term.  Each listing is a branch that grows as it gets shared and reposted.

Other Details

Book Press Release

We can post your listing from Amazon (or other site) as is, or we can send out a press release. What better way to promote your book than with a wide distribution book press release? Get better page ranking when your book can be found on major search engines and places like Google News. The RSS feed on reaches small presses as well as other book blogs and sites like

Benefits of Book Distribution and Press Releases:

  • Get your book in front of millions of people (through reader networks and partner networks)
  • Get your book to list for related searches on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo
  • Get promoted on other blogs and sites that use the RSS feed
  • Go viral as readers share within their networks

Ranking on Amazon:

Searching on Google for books turns up Amazon search results.  When the link to your book is distributed over the internet, the chances of your book ranking well in these results improves. When Amazon sees traffic coming to your book page from all over the web, it adds weight to how they list your book. A strong book press release will provide a better page listing and seller rank. 

You have three options to use this service:

  • Use your Amazon (or other) listing information
  • Supply a press release to use
  • Have us write the press release for you (additional fees)

Get a listing on a book promotion site that pushes for social media shares

Friends Listen to Friends

ShareGoblin promotes social shares for increased awareness and sales. On top of the distribution to the top social media sites, ShareGoblin also encourages readers to share via their social media networks.  When friends share and talk about the books they enjoy, it improves popularity and sales exponentially.

Book Social Media Marketing

Get your book listed on book related social media, such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  Book social media marketing is an effective way to promote your book and generate awareness.

Social Media Marketing Process

Each ad uses your book cover and the information found in your book description.  We recommend you link to Amazon since it’s what most readers are accustomed to, but you can link to any site you like.

Social Media Book Buzz

Getting people to talk about and share your book is a powerful way to generate awareness.  When people share your book with friends and family, it can generate an increase in sales, improved seller ranking and page listing position.  It’s hard to get the ball rolling for book buzz, and social media promotions can help get that process started.

Genre Book Blog Marketing

Get your book marketed on a book blog promotion site specific to your genre.  It’s a great way to narrow in on your target market.  Genre book blog marketing ensures your book gets in front of readers interested in what you have to offer.  From weight loss to Western romance, we have you covered.  You get one day in the newsletter and a permanent post on the site, helping your book rank long term.

Genre Target Sites

  • Fiction:  Horror, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, paranormal, action and adventure
  • Nonfiction: Business, finances, self-help, self-improvement, life lessons and true stories
  • Romance and Erotica: Everything romance and erotica based
  • Health: Cookbooks, diet books, medical, dental and everything health related
  • Christian: Faith books, spiritual, both fiction and nonfiction
  • Children: All children up to middle grade

Reach Book Readers Interested in Your Book Genre

It’s especially hard with niche markets to find readers specifically interested in your book.  Most book promotion sites offer a wide selection of book genres, but many of the readers are only interested in specific books.  These sites get several books a day and can quickly drown out a smaller niche posting.  A great addition to any marketing program is to narrow in on your target market.

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