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A Unique Book Promotion Site!

ShareGoblin is a book promotion site that encourages its subscribers to share the books they love via social media.  What better way to get book buzz going?  Each book page gets an active social media tracker to show how many times people have shared the book with their friends via social media.

Friends Listen to Friends

ShareGoblin promotes social shares for increased awareness and sales. When friends share and talk about the books they enjoy it improves popularity and sales. ShareGoblin encourages readers to share the books they love every step of the way.

Only Great Deals Should be on a Book Promotion Site!

Authors and publishers get the best results with free and $0.99 offers. However, any price is welcome on ShareGoblin.  In exchange for the limited time book deal, readers are asked to share the books they loved via social media.  Your post on the site is permanent helping it rank over the long term.

Marketing Your Book on ShareGoblin is only $10

ShareGoblin offers low-cost promotions, making it an easy addition to the difficult and expensive task of promoting one’s book. Smaller, independent authors who often get turned down by larger book promotion sites now have an opportunity to grow a fan base and generate awareness.  If Amazon approves the book, then ShareGoblin approves it. There is no lengthy waiting period for approval or a dozen checks and criteria needing to be met before you are allowed to promote. As the author, you pick when you want your promotion to start.

How to Promote on ShareGoblin

You can go directly to ShareGoblin to upload your book and pay or order here and we will upload the book for you.  ShareGoblin is a HUGEOrange company.  You get the same friendly and fast customer service you get here on HUGEOrange.

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