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Professional Book Publication Review

A book publication review is used for a number of things, but the two main uses are credibility and marketing.

  • A book publication review adds credibility to potential readers as well as publishers and distributors.
  • It’s also a powerful marketing tool. Readers pay attention to third parties and what they have to say.

The Publication Review Process

You provide a copy of your book. One of our editors reads it and provides a professional level publication book review.

It’s Your Option to Release It or Not

If you love the review, you can accept it and post it to your Author Central account, the back cover of your book or anywhere else you like. We will also distribute it among our marketing channels to help get the word out. Or, you can reject it and it will never see the light of day. A rejected editorial review will also be refunded since you’re not using it.

Uses for a Publication Review

  • Amazon is licensed to publish reviews by HUGEOrange under their Editorial Review section. When you publish an editorial review on your Amazon book page, it adds a new section that potential readers can see before purchasing your book.
  • Many distribution channels, like bookstores, want to see a publication review before considering your book.
  • Publishers like seeing publication reviews as well. It adds weight to your book and they take it into consideration.
  • A publication review is a great way to market your book. We can even assist you with posting it to your Author Central account, if needed.

Editor’s Pick Award Badge

Optionally you can display an Editor’s Pick award badge in dark, grey or lite.  Slim clean design that stands out and looks good on any style cover.  Perfect for displaying on your book directly, on your Author Central account or book site.  The award comes in the form of a PNG file with transparent background making it easy to size and add to anything.  If you need assistance adding it just let us know.

Great way to attract attention and let others know your book received a publication review.  Strong contrast on black making it stand out but not distract from your cover art.  If your title is to long to fit we can add the author name or simply leave it blank.  When ordering let us know if you have a preference.

Supported by our Book Marketing Blast

Your approved publication review is backed by our Marketing Blast package:

  1. You get a post on our press release and distribution site Bookinform is not a subscription promotion site.  It shares your book across many platforms and social media.  The distribution is dynamic and the best way to track it is directly on major sites like Google, and Twitter.The main sites to track are:
    • Google (and other major search engines)
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Google News (and other news feeds)
    • Pinterest
    • Google+
    • Facebook
    • Medium
    • Tumbler

    You also get a listing on a genre specific book blog.  All listings and posts are permanent, helping you generate book buzz and rank long term.  Each listing is a branch that grows as it gets shared and reposted.

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