Search Engine Optimization Service For Your Book


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Search Engine Optimization Service For Your Book

We will provide book SEO (search engine optimization) to your book title, subtitle and keywords. These are the largest factors in getting your book ranked on the listing page.

Your book will be optimized for the best possible ranking following strict guidelines. Our expert will measure the popularity of common search terms and pick keywords based on your book, its competition, and what would rank you best.

Use an Expert at Book SEO

Have an expert who understands the book ranking algorithms used by sites like Amazon to set your book up. Avoid common mistakes like using repeat words in both title and the keyword box, as well as plurals and using common misspellings. Get your book set up correctly to optimize its ranking, searchability, and page position based on real customer searches.

Book SEO Fundamentals

Book SEO is an important fundamental in getting your book published, often overlooked and often done incorrectly. You can’t rely on just marketing to sell your book. All things equal, a well-optimized book will beat out any other book.

Book SEO for Descriptions

The description for your book has very little to no impact on your book listing position for keywords. You can test this by adding a small code (keyword) to the bottom of your book description like “9KJP.”  Doing a search for that word will turn up zero results. However when you put that code into your keywords or title/subtitle, you get immediate results. If you need help with your description, we would be glad to assist. We can help you with HTML code to make the reading experience easy for potential customers. Descriptions should not be keyword heavy and worked around SEO, but instead, reader friendly and look simple and clean.

Methods for Book SEO

We use scraping tools directly on Amazon giving us search insight and competitor book information.  We form your subtitle and keywords around high volume, mid difficulty, and high relevancy.   Search terms and phrases readers are actively using with low competition, ensuring the book has a strong ranking profile.

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