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Kindle Scout Marketing and Promotion Service

Looking to increase your Kindle Scout book’s awareness? This Kindle Scout marketing service is a double hit. The first consists of an Amazon sponsored Kindle Fire 7″ giveaway that runs for seven days. The second markets your Kindle Scout book and giveaway using our Marketing Blast service.  This ensures a high nomination clicks.  We drive genre related reader traffic to your Kindle Scout page ensuring the people that click it, are interested in nominating it.

You get a lot of promotion traffic as well as hundreds of Tweets about your book.

Amazon hosts the giveaway for the Fire Tablet, picks a winner at the end of the seven days and ships it.

Supported by Our Book Marketing Blast

To drive traffic and readers to your Kindle Scout book, we support the Amazon giveaway with our Marketing Blast package which consists of the following:

  1. Book press release post
  2. post
  3. Social media post (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter)
  4. A post on a genre related blog
  5. Uploaded advertisement to five of the top book clubs on Facebook Groups

Marketing Blast is a well-rounded book marketing service that drives targeted traffic to the giveaway and your Kindle Scout page.

Our Kindle Scout Marketing service is used by successful authors all the time.

There’s no better way to get your Kindle Scout book in front of more people looking to nominate a book that interests them, hoping to get it for free.  The combination of the Amazon sponsored giveaway and the targeted push from interested readers helps a Kindle Scout campaign succeed. We have a track record for getting books on the hot list!  From our surveys we estimate that 20% of views nominate the book.

For those that want a full 30 days of marketing contact us for a custom invoice order.  The cost is $400 for 30 days.

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