Seller Rank Buster (Kindle Seller Rank and Listing Position Boost)


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Seller Rank Buster (Kindle Seller Rank and Listing Position Boost)

The higher your seller rank the less your book sells and it’s directly proportional to your listing position.  If your seller ranking is over 300K your book is virtually impossible to find in a competitive genre through general searches.

How we improve your seller rank

Amazon’s algorithms work in mysterious ways.  Sales are the number one factor in determining where a book lands on the page.  Book page listing clicks and activity, like reviews, also play a major role.  However, there is a steady push down in the algorithm to allow new books the chance at the spotlight.  Our method is to provide a lot of fast traffic to your book page through clicks and a cluster of sales. The burst of activity will skyrocket your seller rank and improve your page listing position.  We do this through a highly active newsletter.  This is a closed newsletter consisting of the top active 10% of readers from a mix of book promotion sites, guaranteeing high activity shortly after the newsletter goes out.  The newsletter is broken down into genres of interest to the subscriber.

Seller Rank improvement expectations

After our services are complete, a book at a 500K rank will typically see a drop to 30K.  Since this is done as a consistent burst over the course of five days the page listing improvement sticks.  With the improvement in rank and page listing, it will be easier for your book to be found for potential buyers to purchase.  You will see organic sales come in after the Rank Buster service is complete due to the visibility of your book in search results (page listing position).

Seller Rank improvement can help you get on the bestseller list

We don’t guarantee the bestseller list, but our service can assist in achieving it.  This expectation is only for newly published books, best done the first or second week published.

Requirements for Rank Buster

Your book is highly encouraged to be $0.99.  You can change your price after the service, but the goal of Rank Buster is to gather a lot of click attention and purchases.  For more information or a more custom take on your unique situation contact us with a link to your book or book details.  Rank Buster will put your book in-front of customers with an improved seller rank and page listing position.  The service runs for five consecutive days.


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