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Smashwords Formatting Service

Our Smashwords formatting service will make your book look perfect on any reading device, guaranteed.  From phones to computer screens and everything in between, your book will be perfect!

We provide the book in both .Word and ePub, ready to upload to your Smashwords account. Need help with that?  We can walk you through the process.

Each order is for 10,000 words of formatting.  For example, a 20,000-word book would be a quantity of two orders.

With Our Smashwords Formatting Service You Get It All

Our Smashwords formatting service will add a clickable table of contents.  We will remove extra spacing that could cause viewing problems as well as any hidden symbols or pilcrows found in your document.  Page breaks will be added to your chapters or when appropriate and make it appear perfectly on reading devices small and big.

The book will pass their Meatgrinder program and get listed on the premium list.

Our work is checked and tested on a physical device to ensure quality.   The source file is provided so you can do additional editing if needed.  Plus, we are available to help if you get stuck!

Your pictures can be optimized to look great in the book while being small enough to not cause additional fees due to larger files.  This is included if the book has a handful of pictures, but for books with many pictures there may be a separate fee associated.  Contact us first if you have numerous pictures.

Pictures must be uploaded on your end for the best appearance.  We can walk you through the process if needed, just ask!

Your Book Will Look Perfect – Guaranteed!

You get unlimited revisions on the original book (not future changes) and if you aren’t happy with any aspect, you can request a change or a refund.  Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Trouble with an upload or need to send large/multiple files?  Finish the order, then contact us here.

Satisfaction and results guaranteed!  Learn more here.