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Social Media Book Marketing

Social media book marketing is one of the most powerful ways to market your book. The steps are simple: Enter your marketing budget and desired timeline and let the expertise of our social media professionals get to work on your book. We pick through millions of social media accounts to filter the ones that would be interested in your book.

HUGEOrange Social Media Marketing Requirements

Our system only works with Amazon books, either Kindle or print. Promotion pricing is recommended, but not required.  We recommend $0.99 pricing for the best results.

Social Media Marketing Results  

Results depend on your budget. For example, a thirty-day duration with a budget of $500 for promotion pricing will generate hundreds of sales. Social media promotion is the type of marketing that builds momentum.  The larger the budget, the better the results.

Recommendations for the Book Social Media Marketing Service

You are welcome to apply your budget of choice. However, we do recommend at least $250 with a duration of at least two weeks. Optimal results start at $500 with a duration of thirty days.

Social media book marketing is the perfect way to generate book buzz and zero in on your specific target market. We advertise to people who have recently searched for, shown interest in, or recently bought a similar book to yours. Demographic selection can include region and language, if needed.

Your order also includes a graphic design ad image for use during marketing. You will need to approve the image prior to marketing, or may provide your own.

Book Marketing Solutions

We offer a wide range of book marketing solutions to fit any need and budget. To check out our book marketing options click here.

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