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Amazon Top Reviewers and Review Bloggers

We email the Top Amazon Reviewers, including several book review blogs, a  review copy of your book (or announce an upcoming promotion). These are honest reviews that comply with Amazon’s terms of service. No incentive will be offered and reviews are at the discretion of the reader without any influence or request from us.

Top Amazon Book Reviews

Positive reviews are not guaranteed.  These are honest reviews. 

What You Get with Our Service of Top Amazon Reviewers and Bloggers

  • We email the top 400 Amazon Reviewers and Review Bloggers a copy of your book (or announce a promotion date).  The reviewers are not obligated to leave a review. To reduce the risk of your purchase, we guarantee at least three reviews or your money back.

Top Reviewer Tips

The top Amazon reviewers follow Amazon’s terms of service. To learn more about Amazon’s terms of service, contact them directly (they change frequently).  There is no incentive offered to review your book. We send one email with your book attached. or mention of your promotion date.

Example of a Book Review Email

Amazon honors giving out review copies of your book. They don’t want you to use it as an incentive to get reviews directly. Here is how we email your book:

Attached is a review copy of “Example Book Name.” It’s about growing up in suburbia with big city dreams of becoming an actress and falling in love. It’s the first in a series AUTHOR NAME is working on. The second book is planned to be released in a month. You’re going to love it!

We avoid requesting a review directly. We simply provide a review copy of the book allowed under Amazon’s terms of service and leave the rest up to the reader. We follow Amazon’s review policy and do not follow up with the reviewers or influence them in any way.

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