Social Media Book Marketing

Social Media Book Marketing

Social Media Book Marketing

With social media book marketing, you want your book to be shared, liked, retweeted, commented on, etc.  It’s costly to pay for an ad that gets responses, and it’s insanely time consuming to market it yourself across all platforms and accounts daily.  ShareGoblin is a book promotion site that encourages subscribers to share on social media.

Tracking Book Social Shares on Social MediaSocial Media Book Marketing

Directly on the book social media marketing site you can track social shares.  ShareGoblin has many options to share directly on the book page.  Just a click on a social media icon will take you to your account to share.  You can check out similar books to yours on ShareGoblin to get a feel for how many social shares you would get.  However, the internal tracker on ShareGoblin is just the tip of the iceberg.  When someone shares your book through ShareGoblin with their followers, they can retweet it, like, and repost on their own social media network.  There is a domino effect of sharing that occurs.  The best way to track the full coverage of social shares is to search directly on the social media site.  For example, go to Twitter or Facebook and search for your book name to see how many people have shared it.  Social shares are dynamic and change moment to moment.

Word of Mouth Social Media Book Marketing

Word of mouth is perhaps the best form of book marketing.  When friends share with friends, it’s like a personal recommendation.  It’s a fantastic way to generate awareness about your book.  Book buzz is a hard thing to get rolling but once it starts, it can be viral.  It’s one of the hardest forms of book promotion to get going, like trying to build a fire rubbing sticks together.  It’s fragile and takes a lot of effort.  Once you get going, though, it can take off on its own.

What You Get on ShareGoblin

The major appeal of ShareGoblin is the cost.  For only $10 you get a permanent listing on the site and a ton of social shares.  You can use the service as many times as you like too.  The newest books get a spot in the daily newsletter.  New books get seen more and get the most clicks and action.  As newer books come in, it can slow as the book gets pushed down the line.  It’s common to use the service a few times.  ShareGoblin is a book promotion site owned and operated by HUGEOrange.  You get the same great customer service and treatment you would get on HUGEOrange.

Compare to Competitors

When you look at other book marketing sites with social shares, such as StoryCartel and Bookbub, you find that their social trackers are low.  That’s because other sites push for sales, or don’t push for anything at all.  On ShareGoblin, each newsletter and communication with the site encourages readers to share on their social media.  Readers that join ShareGoblin understand from the start that sharing is encouraged, which filters readers willing to do so.

Book Marketing Mix

Social medial book marketing won’t do it alone.  It’s part of the marketing mix a good book launch needs.  You need to identify your target market.  Be involved with genre-related forms and blogs.  Get the word out by taking advantage of KDP Select and any other promotional service you can get your hands on.  Having your own personal social media accounts to update others and advertise your book is a plus too.  Use hashtags to help readers find your book.  Hashtags are a must for Social Media Book Marketing.

Hashtags for Marketing Your Book on Social Media

Here’s a list of common searched for hashtags authors use to attract readers on places like Twitter.  Our advice is to post a new ad for your book at least every hour.  Posts on Twitter and Facebook tend to get pushed down the list of search results quickly throughout the day.  You’re competing with thousands of other authors doing the same thing!  Use three hashtags that apply to your book per post.  Mix them up each time!























































Social Media Book Marketing

ShareGoblin is a must use service for every book launch.  The cost allows it to easily fit into any budget and plan.  Books do better when they are on free promotion or $0.99.  Readers that subscribe to book promotion sites are looking for great deals.  They want new books at cheap and discount prices.  A spot on ShareGoblin gets you posted to the following sites: Google News, search engines like Yahoo and Google, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook personal pages, Facebook Groups, LinkdIn, Google+, and Instagram.

Your book gets a wide distribution over several social media sites and groups.  Sites like Amazon track where referring traffic comes in from.  When people click on your book coming from Twitter and search engines, it can help your ranking and page listing position.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Social Media Book Marketing

ShareGoblin is backed by HUGEOrange’s great customer service and policies.  If you are unhappy with your promotion, just let them know.  They are quick to respond and fix any issues you have or offer a refund.  If you are looking for additional book marketing services, check out for a full list of services ranging from reviews, marketing, editing and other book publishing services.

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